"It's like the pile is a pet or something. And also especially if you have a pile that starts to become a home to visible animals, like salamanders or frogs or beetles, uh, worms. It's a very special feeling. You do have a little outdoor terrarium in that case. And... I don't know what about other people, but I take great joy in watching populations of insects and other animals ebb and flow in my pile depending on what's in there and what activity is fluctuating. It's uh, it's very special feeling."

BUT WHAT ABOUT COCKROACHES??? I love the idea of starting my own pile. Cockroaches are my main deterrent. The last time we had our own pile was more than 10 years ago and there were soooo many cockroaches!! Like, I get that they are people too 😂 but I don't want them for roommates! Any thoughts or reframing or practical tips for me?? Are cockroaches a good sign? Bad sign? Sign of anything? Is there a place I can put it or a way I can situate it that won't attract them? So I guess my problem is not that I hold the compost as precious but myself as precious 😂 😅 i need protection from cockroaches

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