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this sounds like hell. imagine grading someone else's attention span - like isn't that the antithesis to this entire thing???

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Ah, yes! The "If you see something, say something" of productivity.

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Hey Jesse - if you like the concept of Focusmate but not the execution, have you tried out Groove? (https://links.groove.ooo/substack) Warning: I'm biased since I'm on Groove's team ;) but I'd use it all the time even if I wasn't.

Unlike Focusmate:

- you're off video and sound for most of the session

- we're really into the concept of weak ties and think those are actually the people that can help you with your goals most, and we're designing our product around that (see https://medium.com/groove-with-us/why-we-dont-like-vanity-metrics-at-groove-fbabfa9dde55 and https://medium.com/groove-with-us/preparing-to-scale-intimacy-at-groove-347602d464a7 for more info on how we're trying to scale intimacy and not always match you with strangers)

- we're not into working more, but making time for what matters most - a lot of our users said they've been able to cut back on work hours after using it

- in no way is anyone reporting anyone for not using their time they way they said they would!

If this sounds more up your alley, would love to do a Groove with you

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