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Hoooooooo jiminy crickets this is SO GOOD. I want to vapourize this whole piece and then crop-dust it around the whole world so that everyone also absorbs it. 👏🏼 YES 👏🏼

Also I just really admire your writing and reflections. Zero regrets about becoming a paid subscriber. 👏🏼 YES 👏🏼

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LOVED this one. I'm learning new ways to reconnect to my ancestry and acknowledge those aspects so the delusion of modernity part hit really hard. Especially "The times are urgent, let us slow down. It doesn’t mean reducing one’s speed…slowing down is more an issue of touching our indebtedness, touching the entangling threads, the tentacularity that connect us to the earth, that connect us to ancestry, that connect us to the modern human, the nonhuman, the yet-to-be human. You know, the idea that we are free gets in the way of freedom."

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so so good

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Oh my god……I’ve been searching so hard for insight related to mental health that is becoming less and less frequent the more I engage in therapy from the medical-model perspective. This stuff is literally paradigm-shifting and I cannot thank you enough- I feel so much closer to what I’ve been trying relentlessly to find for so long.

UGH I don’t want this to come off as creepy para-social vibe but what I would give to be friends with u & have conversations with u 🫠 upgrading my subscription now bc it’s literally the least i can do, thank you so much again for this content that i’ve consumed up until now for free?!?!?

Also i don’t know if this is something you are interested in so there’s no expectation at all but i would love to hear any thoughts or perspectives you have on loneliness?

Take care :)))

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